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Sterek is a Disney Love Story.


(3/7) Episodes

THE ELEVENTH HOUR (Season 5, Episode 1) Poor Amy Pond. Still such a child inside. Dreaming of the magic Doctor she knows will return to save her. What a disappointment you’ve been.

The Straight Agenda.


It’s funny how conservatives are always going on about the “gay agenda,” when it’s the straight people that have an agenda. Seriously. The straight agenda starts brainwashing kids from birth, putting boy-babies in blue clothes and girl-babies in pink clothes, deciding which toys they get to play with and which school subjects they “ought” to be good at, and backing that up with millions of dollars worth of advertising as the children grow up, reinforced by constant brainwashing by their own families.

Not to mention unfair and uneven media representation, showing unrealistically uniform heterosexual casts and hardly any homosexual/bisexual/trans/queer/ace/pan protagonists, discouraging young adults from exploring their queerness because it clearly isn’t the done thing. In fact, it’s a horrible sin, because most religious leaders from multiple religions are anti-queer, and are happy to fill the airwaves with queerphobic hate. The same thing goes for most political leaders and “pillars” of the community.

The straight agenda makes it acceptable for someone to joke about another person’s baby daughter by saying: “Oh, she’s a pretty one! You’re gonna have to fight the boys off with a stick once she’s in her teens!” As if that’s okay and not sexualizing a child before it can even talk, but if that same girl becomes an adult and tries coming out as a bisexual at the age of eighteen, she’s way too young to understand her own sexuality and must have been “corrupted” or “misled”.

A twelve-year-old boy and a girl are called “cute” when they hold hands, but if two boys do the same, they’re told they’re being “too gay”. A man who forces his attentions on a woman is condemned less than a gay man who only wants to marry his loving, committed life-partner. In fact, the assaulter is often lauded for being “manly” and is considered to be following his “natural” heterosexual urges, whereas the gay couple is considered “freakish” and “undermining moral and cultural values”.

In many cities, a lesbian couple can’t kiss on the street without being insulted, harassed or treated as though their relationship is pornographic entertainment for the titillation of straight men, but the same straight men can verbally or physically abuse their wives in public without anyone saying a word.

In many schools, a boy can bully and beat another boy without teachers speaking out against his bullying, but a boy can’t take another boy to the prom without teachers telling him it’s not allowed.

A heterosexual rape scene with a man raping a woman sparks less controversy among moviegoing audiences than a consensual homosexual kiss between men. Because obviously, the objectification and brutalization of women is more normal and tolerable than “twisted fags” daring to kiss each other consensually.

A straight male mass-shooter who uses the excuse of having been turned down by women as a reason to kill other people is given more sympathetic media coverage than an innocent trans woman who is the victim of a violent hate crime.

And it’s the gay agenda that’s doing damage to society? Really? Who exactly has the agenda, here? The straight agenda does its best to convince queer people that they’re unnatural, sinful, shameful, broken, dangerous, doomed or just downright undeserving of life, let alone basic rights. The straight agenda has most major media organizations, religious establishments and politicians backing them up and helping them spread their message.

And what does the so-called “gay agenda” have? People that want to get married? Wow. That’s so damaging to society.

MS: a guide for the fandom

At Dallas Con in 2013, Rachel announced that she has Multiple Sclerosis. [x] [x]


Ok guys, so since finding out that Rachel Miner has MS, I’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding of the disease on my dash… and I think it’s great that everyone wants to support Rachel, but I want everyone to know a couple things before you send her letters and stuff.  

First: Not every case of MS presents itself the same way

I don’t think that needs to be said, but apparently it does because a lot of posts I’ve seen have found accounts from a person with MS and been like “THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING TO RACHEL” but that’s not exactly how it works.  

Second: MS is a progressive disease.

Many of the cases you’re reading about are years and years progressed.  We don’t know how long Rachel’s had MS, nor do we know how fast her disease is progressing.  Don’t assume she can’t do something.  This is just a general thing for any type of disability.  Do not assume that the disabled person can’t do.  It’s not really always a good idea to assume they can either, in general you should be super attentive and ask.  But yeah in this case, let’s not assume she can’t do something or it’s worse than it is.  I’ve seen my mom be on the other end of that, and it’s really hurtful.  

Third: Do not define her by her MS

Disabled people are not defined completely by their disabilities.  It is a part of them, but it’s not all of them.  She is still the Rachel Miner we knew before this.  

Fourth: MS is a disease that attacks the nervous system by stripping the nerves of their myelin sheath.  

What this means is that the information travels slower.  It also means the nerves will misfire.  The myelin sheath is like insulation for the chords of the nerves… so for some people, it affect their thinking more, and for some it affect their bodies more.  There are drugs that focus on one more than the other…which brings me to

Fifth: MS drugs are getting better all the time.

AND we don’t know how her body is going to react to any of these drugs.  It IS possible for someone with MS to live a full and happy life and stop the progress of their disease at a certain point, to not go farther, at least for a very long time.  This ties into “let’s not assume it’s the worst.”  Let’s hope that she finds a great drug that works well for her and doesn’t have really awful side effects (I’ve seen some TERRIBLE side effects from some of these MS drugs)

If you want to learn more about MS or living with MS, The National MS Society website is a great resource.  I urge you to read some of this material before you send Rachel letters so that you can know what she’s dealing with and what to say.  When in doubt, don’t say that she’s an inspiration because she hasn’t given up on life though.  That is not what disabled people want to hear.  Rachel isn’t inspirational because she hasn’t given up, she’s inspirational because she’s ok enough with her MS to talk to us about it.  Because coming to terms with your disability and not giving up on life all together are two different concepts, and should be treated at such.  

Also, I want everyone to be mindful that there may be a time where Rachel has to leave acting because it’s too much for her to do.  If that day comes, she’s going to need a lot of support from her fans.  It looks like that’s a while down the road… but when my mom had to leave teaching, even though I had 5 years in between diagnosis and that reality, it hit me like a fucking truck.  So yeah

Anyway, I just wanted to clear up some really problematic stuff I’ve seen on my dash.  Rachel is awesome.  MS is not.  So yeah…

Thanks For The Icy Buckets


Thanks For The Icy Buckets

Thanks For The Icy Buckets.

<3 LOVE this post by Rachel Miner who played Meg Masters (Demon) on Supernatural (CW) from 2009-2013.

She had blogged about her views on seeing others do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Rachel has been diagnosed with MS, but to read such a post, makes me even want to cry.




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Amazing spoke guard art for my wheelchair done by my lovely cousin (go check her out)!!! 65 Pink Roses for Cystic Fibrosis :)

Oh my god, so cute. Brb, dying.


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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Well, I won’t tell a bold Gryffindor, curious Ravenclaw, determined Hufflepuff or secret-seeking Slytherin not to explore. You would not listen, so it would be pointless. But it is best not to go where the flowers fade into dense undergrowth and fog coalesces between the trees. The centaurs, you see, do not often appreciate company.

The whole point of this is that people from all four houses are gonna want to do it. Sometimes I tend to wonder if the houses are just four separate paths to similar ends. This has meta problems — it seems to make everything predestined. HP was gonna be HP no matter where he ended up, and the same for Draco Malfoy, and Luna, and all of them.

But the truth is that sometimes I just don’t buy so much that the Sorting should have any kind of meaning at all. It’s like a game of, “Which set of obstacles would you prefer? Which pros and cons look most palatable to you?” 

It’s been like years and years since I picked these books up and I still don’t know what to say about the stupid Sorting Hat. 

Well. Besides this. That’s pretty spot-on.

Now I know why this post suddenly blew up. Heh, if I end up being known only for my antagonism towards the sorting hat, I’ll be fine with that…

I can say I’ve never seen it expressed quite so well: “which set of obstacles would you prefer?” Because there is no other way I can take the concept of the hat seriously anymore. No one is a fully formed person at eleven, no one. And since the founders were EDUCATORS, I feel this should have occurred to them. So slotting kids into such tight-knit, specific categories almost feels like a handicap, a challenge… or even a lesson.

Everything at Hogwarts is a lesson. The lake isn’t just a lake, an ancient civilization lives in it. The portraits tell stories. The students are taught gamp’s laws and then sent off to eat dinner every day in a hall where food magically pops onto their plates: where did it come from? It may or may not be intentional, but there is a philosophical or educational quandry behind almost every aspect of life at the castle. If I felt like being generous towards Gryffindor (which seldom happens) I would say he thought it through before making the hat, and that he intended it as a statement to the students. “These are the qualities you value. Now look how limiting it is to place emphasis on nothing else. Look at the missed connections.” But more likely, Gryffindor (my idea of him anyway) thought nothing of the sort and the lesson comes from Hogwarts itself. Hogwarts is a benevolent and slightly unhinged godmother pulling all the loose strings of hazardous, sketchy magical living into some semblance of a tapestry with purpose.

Or something.




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